OBD-II Scanner & Alarm Monitor

Like a Pro to Diagnose your car and turn your car into a smart car immediately! DODYMPS has created a high quality automatic diagnostic scanner. It can read engine fault codes, real-time data, live data, oxygen sensor data, VIN information, view freeze frame, repair reports, clear DTCS, battery check, on-board monitoring and alarm (more than 60000 general code definitions in the database), then you can see the state of the car, and clearly know when to maintain and repair. Protect your car before the damage occurs.

Easy to Install

1. Plug the device into your car’s OBD-II port.
2. Turn on your phone’s bluetooth and start engine.
3. Download and install the free DODYMPS APP from App Store or Google Play.
4. Run the APP and Scan Device, connect to the bluetooth named “DODYMPS OBD2”.
5. Then you could check the fault code, read data stream, etc.
Be sure to trun the vehicle OFF while pluging scanner in or out.
Be sure to turn the vehicle on when connecting the software,otherwise, the App will not connect successfully.

Good Compatibility with Almost All OBD II Models

We promise our OBD2 scan tool works with any 12V diesel and gasoline powered vehicles (no all-electric) 1996 or newer based on OBD-II or EOBD. iOS and Android compatible. Supports OBD 2, EOBD KWP2000, ISO9141, ISO15765(CAN).

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